Red Potatoes

Last Update:

matcha mochi baking recipe main



Harvest Season:

Summer, Fall

Growing Season:

Summer - Fall

Ingredient Types:



Buy from Grocery Stall

Buy from Village Shop(s)

Buy with SrslySims Grocery Mod

Sellable to Village Shops

Required Files:

Garden Shared Tuning

Last Update: 


This file is needed for most harvestable plants to work properly.

If you're updating your files then you can delete both the 'Garden Plant Effects' and 'Garden Plants' file used previously and replace it with this file.

By downloading my content you are agreeing to my

Creator Policy

You MUST re-download any updated REQUIRED or OPTIONAL mods BEFORE downloading this content or it will not work properly!


Optional Files:

Last Update: 


Works best with my plant seasonality and allows you to grow specialty harvestables in more places.

Last Update: 


In general, this adds my CC to in-game menus and objects and keeps most of my mods and CC from conflicting with other creators mods.

Some Related Recipes...

Crawfish Boil

Most of my Plants...

  • ​Sway with the wind

  • Have leaf color changes throughout the season

  • Have wet leaves when it rains

  • Have shadows during the day

  • Have vertical planter versions

  • Custom Notebook Entries

Compatible With...

  • Any CC Recipe that Uses it's Ingredient Type

  • Any CC Harvestables from Other Creators

  • Spells & Magic

  • Conservationism

  • Seasons & Weather

  • Pets & Toddlers

  • Craft Sales Tables

  • Dumpster Diving

  • Cottage Living Animal Gifts

  • Cottage Living Garden Plots

Made Using...